World Cup Soccer in Africa: Who Really Wins



Craig Tanner
Jomo SonoDesmond TutuJonathan ShapiroDanny Jordaan
For four action-packed weeks in June and July 2010, a massive international television audience tuned in to watch FIFA World Cup soccer in South Africa. WORLD CUP SOCCER IN AFRICA: WHO REALLY WINS? cuts through the hype with an uncompromising examination of what the 2010 World Cup means for South Africans themselves. International heavyweights like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, construction workers, FIFA's Communications Director, street traders, politicians and sports celebrities all wade into the debate. National pride, corruption and even murder feature in this astonishingly candid documentary that peels back the glossy media veneer to expose the real concerns of ordinary South Africans: hopes about jobs, the eviction of schoolchildren to make way for construction company offices, the removal of an inconvenient community, and what traditional medicine and the influence of the ancestors might mean for the fortunes of the local team.
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