We the People: The Market Basket Effect

76 MINS2016DocumentaryNR


Tommy Reid
Michael ChiklisTed LeonsisBill ClintonArthur T. DemoulasLester HoltMaggie Hassan
Corporate greed breaks up a four-billion-dollar supermarket empire in this dramatic documentary narrated by Michael Chiklis and produced by Ted Leonsis. WE THE PEOPLE: THE MARKET BASKET EFFECT charts the volatile conflict between warring cousins and arch-rivals Arthur T. Demoulas and Arthur S. Demoulas for control of their their Market Basket chain of stores. With plot twists worthy of a Greek tragedy, the family feud raged on with the livelihoods of 25,000 employees hanging in the balance. The conflict ultimately brought down the August 2014 U.S. jobs report by 17,000 jobs and sent shockwaves through the nation.