Stone of Destiny

Charles Martin Smith
Brenda FrickerCiaron KellyPeter MullanKate MaraStephen McColeCharlie CoxRobert CarlyleBilly Boyd
Starring Kate Mara and Charlie Cox, STONE OF DESTINY is the fascinating true story of a real-life Scottish Robin Hood in 1950s Glasgow. College student Ian Hamilton was a dedicated nationalist who deeply resented England?s subjugation of Scotland. With the help of three fellow students, Hamilton managed to reignite Scottish national pride with a daring raid on the very heart of England. This idealistic band of misfits breached Britain?s venerable Westminster Abbey to secure the Stone of Scone, a national treasure upon which Scottish kings had been coronated for centuries. Based on Hamilton's book and directed by character actor Charles Martin Smith, STONE OF DESTINY co-stars Billy Boyd, Robert Carlyle and Oscar winner Brenda Fricker.
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