(Hate) Machine

5 MINS2006DocumentaryNR
Phil Caron
More About (Hate) Machine from Director Phil Caron
The concept for (Hate) Machine came out of the distortions/biases that I saw in post-911 media. Of course these distortions had always been there, but suddenly they became very blatant, and most media presented their material with a pro-war stance. As a Canadian who is regularly exposed to American, British and Canadian news, it was shocking to see such differences in storytelling, and to see how the same raw material could be twisted and personalized. (Hate) Machine is my response to the concept of media truth and is meant to provoke a closer inspection of the words and images that we rely on to interpret our world.

(Hate) Machine was shot entirely in Ottawa with local actors and crew, and with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and SAW video co-op.