Conquest of K-2

Alessandro Varchetta
Ardito Desio
In 1954, an Italian climbing team would conquer terrain that no other had yet managed to tread?the summit of earth's second highest peak, the Himalayas' K2. Led by mountain climber and geologist Ardito Desio, the exploration was run like a military operation closer in style to the great missions of the 19th century than to the Alpine challenges of today. The men chosen for the climb were from across the country?Bergamo, Florence, Sassari, Bologna, Chioggia?and all of Italy would follow their perilous adventure through daily radio reports. CONQUEST OF K2 tells the story of this historic ascent using the thrilling footage of Mario Fantin, an Italian cinematographer and documentarian who accompanied the climbers and shot the mission from beginning to end on 16mm film.
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